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Career Guidance & Placement Unit

The Placement Cell at Musaliar College of Engineering & Technology plays a vital role in connecting students with potential employers and facilitating the job placement process. The cell takes charge of both on-campus and off-campus placement activities, bringing together students and the industrial community to foster an Industry-Institution Interaction. Throughout the seven semesters, the Placement cell conducts a series of placement and employability skills training programs to prepare students for their future careers.

One of the key responsibilities of the Placement Cell is to establish and maintain relationships with potential employers. This includes reaching out to companies, recruiters, and hiring managers to ensure that students have access to a wide range of job opportunities. The cell also coordinates on-campus recruitment events, such as job fairs, company visits, and campus interviews, providing students with the opportunity to meet and interview with potential employers.

Another important responsibility of the Placement Cell is to provide career counseling and guidance to students. This includes offering services such as resume writing, interview preparation, and job search strategies. The cell also conducts a series of employability skills training programs throughout the seven semesters to enhance the employability of the students.

The Placement Cell also keeps students informed of job opportunities and upcoming recruitment events through newsletters, email blasts, and social media. Additionally, the cell also helps students with internships, industrial visits, live projects, and guest lectures to give them an opportunity to explore the real-time industry scenario.

Finally, the Placement Cell is responsible for monitoring the placement process and maintaining records to ensure transparency and fairness in the process. By working closely with students and potential employers, the Placement Cell at Musaliar College of Engineering & Technology plays a critical role in helping students find fulfilling and successful careers after graduation.


1. To provide job opportunities by bringing the companies for campus recruitment to all the eligible students of final year.

2. To enhance current technical and practical knowledge of students

3. To make the students ‘PLUG & PLAY’ by imparting soft skills and employability skills.

4. To have strong Industry-Institute Interaction.

Placement Cell of Musaliar college

Training Programme

The Career Guidance & Placement Unit (CGPU) of Musaliar College of Engineering & Technology is dedicated to providing students with the necessary skills and training to succeed in the job market. The training programs offered by the CGPU have been carefully formulated after analyzing the unique requirements of various companies, as the skills needed will vary depending on the industry and specific role. These training programs are provided in collaboration with reputed training institutes to ensure that students are well-equipped to face the rigorous placement process conducted by companies, which includes aptitude tests, group discussions, and personal interviews.

The Placement Committee is formed with active participation of student members and is lead by a faculty placement coordinator. A placement drive is organized at the end of the final semester, in which companies from various sectors participate and hire students. The Placement Cell is open to all students who are at the threshold of life and have a dream that they dare to pursue. Our Placement model is a four-stage process, involving Pre-Placement activities, career guidance, executing placement and post-placement reviews.

The Pre-Placement activities of CGPU are designed to equip the students with the skills and knowledge required to face the rigorous placement process. This includes providing career guidance and training in areas such as resume writing, interview skills, and job search strategies. During the executing placement stage, the CGPU coordinates with various companies and organizes on-campus recruitment events to give students the opportunity to meet and interview with potential employers. Finally, the post-placement reviews are conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the placement process and identify areas for improvement.

Placements Details…

Placement Officer

Mr.Aneesh S Perumprath
Placement Officer
Mob No: 09995242312

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