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An ideal hostel must be, in essence, a home away from home. A congenial living atmosphere contributes a lot to the academic performance of a superior quality. Ample hostel facilities are offered within the Campus of Musaliar College.

The overall administration and control of the Hostels shall be vested in the Director and Chief Warden. Each hostel has a Warden, and Resident Tutors. Admission to hostels is for one year  can be renewed every year at the discretion of the Director verifying the academic status. Wholesome foods with vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are provided and food is supplied to the students during religious fasting.

College buses are scheduled from 15 places which covers all pick up points of the city and scheduled as per the convenience of class timings for staff and students.

Route Time
Changanacherry 07:20 am
Thiruvalla 07:30 am
Kattode 07:35 am
Thottabhagam 07:40 am
Vallamkulam 07:45 am
Eraviperoor 07:50 am
Kumbanadu 07:55 am
Pullad 08:00 am
Kozhencherry 08:05 am
Route Time
Harippad 07:10 am
Nangiarkulangara(Kavala) 07:15 am
Muttom 07:20 am
Thattarambalam 07:30 am
Mavelikara 07:35 am
Mamkamkuzhi 07:50 am
Edappon 07:55 am
Pandalam 08:05 am
Kaipattoor 08:20 am
Omalloor 08:25 am
Route Time
Elampal 07:20 am
Kunnicode 07:25 am
Avaneeswaram 07:30 am
Pathanapuram 07:50 am
Kalanjoor 07:55 am
Koodal 08:00 am
Vakayar 08:10 am
Route Time
Anchal 07:10 am
Karavalur 07:20 am
Punalur 07:30 am
Alimukku 07:35 am
Piravanthoor 07:45 am
Pathanapuram 07:50 am
Konni 08:20 am
Route Time
Chengannur 07:25 am
Puthenkavu 07:30 am
Aranmula 07:45 am
Kidangannur 07:55 am
Thekkemala 08:10 am
Elanthoor 08:25 am
Route Time
Pathanadu 07:20 am
Manimala 07:55 am
Ponthanpuzha 08:00 am
Makkappuzha/Plachery 08:10 am
Ranny 08:15 am
Uthimoodu 08:25 am
Route Time
Kayamkulam 07:20 am
Kattanam 07:30 am
Charummoodu 07:40 am
Nooranadu 07:50 am
Kudassanadu 08:00 am
Pandalam 08:05 am
Kulanada 08:10 am
Thumpamon(Ambalakadavu) 08:20 am
Chennerkara 08:25 am

A well spaced auditorium with 1250 seating capacity is available at the upper floor of Mechanical Engineering Department in the campus.This facility is being used for conducting various functions and meetings. Campus recruitment activities are also conducted here and each department has a conference hall of total seating capacity of 60.

Our fitness centre is the perfect place to get fit year round with new strength machines and an expanded selection of free weight equipment. Systematic training and coaching is offered for various games in the evening throughout the year. A fitness assessment is designed to help your progress and helps to assist in the development of your fitness program. Regular fitness testing can objectively measure the effectiveness of your program and can possibly save your months or even years of hard work. If progress is not significant, immediate changes can be made to your program.  The P.E Instructor & Fitness Center Assistants can help you to decide the assessments most compatible with your fitness goals and how often you should test.

The student store has been established with the objective of helping students in the purchase of books, stationary and all other general requirements, at moderate rates. All transactions of the store by way of sale shall be on the ready money system. The store will be kept open on all working days between 9 a.m to 4.15 p.m.

Photocopying facility is also available at the Student Store on payment basis at moderate rates.

The Cafeteria near to the Administrative block run by restaurateurs serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. Canteen should not be used as a place for gossip and other leisure activities. Students are expected to buy meal coupons in advance. Extreme care may be taken not to spill food particles on the table and floor while eating. The students are expected to leave the canteen as soon as finish their meals or snacks.

The Canteen is open from 8.00 A.M. to 6.00 P.M. on all working days.

The College Office teams provide central administrative and management services for the College . The College Office deals with all the College-based student services, College admissions, accommodation, scholarships, examination entries, welfare, academic support, and so on.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Central admissions and administration for undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • On-course administration for undergraduate and taught postgraduate students.
  • Administration of promotions and other academic staff affairs.
  • Estates, finance and human resources services for the College.
  • Support for research and strategic projects.
  • A number of other cross-College or cross-University programmes.


Office opening hours: 9.00am – 4.00 pm (Mon-Sat)

Parent Teachers Association(PTA)

The Parent – Teacher Association (PTA) is formed with a view to maintaining effective interaction between the Institution and the Parents and to promote holistic development of students. It meets whenever necessary to discuss the issues connected with the smooth functioning of the College. Academic performance of students and campus behavior will informed to parents through SMS for better academic coordination.

Soft Skill Development

Special Programs on Communicative English, Interview Techniques, GD Training and overall development of personality of students are being conducted at regular intervals while incorporating new techniques like Transactional Analysis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Psychometric Analysis.

Cultural And Personality Development

Musaliar College  of Engineering gives adequate importance to overall development of students. Personality development programs are conducted every year with the assistance of eminent professionals in the field. Cultural programs like Onam Celebrations and Arts day are organized every year.

College Union

The extra curricular activities of students are taken care by the college union and various programs, festivals, literary and cultural activities are conducted by the college union. the college union office bearers are elected on parliamentary basis as per the decision of the Honorable High court of Kerala.

College Council

The College Council is constituted with all Heads of the Departments. It meets weekly to discuss the day to day matters connected with the affairs of the institution.

Counselling Centre

The College has also a Counselling Centre to help the students out of their problems personal, psychological, religious, financial and so on. Such a center is necessary in an institution where the student community is a conglomeration of different cultures, religions, languages, financial backgrounds. At times, psychological problems arise as a result of academic strain and stress, which requires considerate understanding, consultation and counselling. This is provided by a team of efficient staff counsellors.

Browsing Facility

Apart from the computing and browsing facilities available at the Computer labs in the Departments, the institution has a Browsing Centre at the central Library for the common use of staff and students.

Vehicle Parking Facility

As per directive from Kerala Government, students are not permitted to to bring powered vehicles (two wheelers and four wheelers) inside the Campus. Parking sheds for two wheelers are provided near the main entrance and at the western side of Civil Engineering Department. Students are requested to park their vehicles in these sheds.