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Admission Faq

What are the various courses offered by the college?

UG Courses:

Civil Engineering 4 yrs B. Tech 60
Mechanical Engineering 4 yrs B. Tech 60
Electrical & Electronics Engineering 4 yrs B. Tech 30
Electronics & Communication Engineering 4 yrs B. Tech 30
Computer Science & Engineering 4 yrs B. Tech 60


PG Courses:

Electronics Engineering
(VLSL & Embedded system)
2 yrs M. Tech 12
Computer Science & Engineering 2 yrs M. Tech 12
Master of Computer Application (Regular) 2 yrs MCA 60
Master of Business Administration 2 yrs MBA 60
What approvals, affiliations and accreditations does the college hold?
  • The college is approved by National Assessment And Accreditation Council (NAAC).
  • The college is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)/ Government of India.
  • Affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala.
  • Accredited UNAI programme of the United Nations.
  • The Institute is ISO 9001:2008 certified.


I would like to know about the details of various departments of the college?

Mechanical Engineering (B.tech)

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is functioning since the inception of the college. The department has state of the art facilities with various laboratories and a department library. Guest lectures and industrial visits are periodically arranged for the students to supplement their curriculum. The Department strives for all round excellence in students and encourages them to be entrepreneurs and good engineers.

Research activities at the department are progressing in the areas of feature based design, optimization/analysis of mechanical systems, alternate fuels for IC engines, air pollution modeling, thermal energy storage, and materials technology.

About HOD

Dr. Shan M Assis has been working in the institution since 2008 and has extensive experience in the field of technical education, research, and conference management. He has also served as an Adjunct Faculty at the Manipal University campus in Dubai, UAE.


The department is fully equipped with a star line up of 20 eminent faculty members with distinguished academic and industrial experience.

Major Laboratories

Basic Mechanical Workshop

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Hydraulics Machines Lab

Advanced Machine Tool Lab

Metrology & Instrumentation

Computer Aided Design & Drafting Lab

Heat Engines Lab

Heat & Mass Transfer Lab

Mechanical Measurements Lab

Industrial Connection

The department has to its credit Corporate Training Programmes, Industrial Consultancy, and Funded Projects from Government bodies. These connections served to benefit students in the form of good placements, well-equipped laboratories and industrial exposure. The participation of industries in curriculum designing has helped the department to keep pace with fast-changing industrial needs. The department also benefits from the Visiting Professor programs of AICTE through which highly experienced senior executives deliver lectures to staff and students.

A production centre consisting of Stallion made CNC machine is functioning in the department to train the students and to undertake contract works from industries and public sector organisations like ISRO, KAMCO etc.

The R & D work of developing and testing ‘COIR REINFORCED ALUMINIUM LAMINATE EPOXY’ was supported by the ‘Central Coir Research InstituteDefence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO), and Material testing division of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

Innovative Students Projects

The department is actively promoting Computational Fluid Dynamics R&D Projects within our advanced computing facility. All the related works has been published in the International Journals and presented in International and National conferences.

 The numerous projects undertaken by the students and R&D cell of Mechanical Engineering department have received wide media coverage and public appreciation.

  • Hydrogen Powered Car
    • Car in which HYDROGEN is produced on-board from WATER and is used as a hybrid fuel along with petrol. Vehicle test results indicated about 50% increased fuel efficiency and around 50% reduced exhaust emissions.
  • Safety Bike:
    • Developed a sensor-based real-time safety system for safe driving in two wheelers. In this system, an antitheft system is incorporated and five major issues which causes the road accidents were identified and rectified.
  • Composite Material Development
    • A new composite material named “CLARE” has been developed and tested with the support of Central Coir Research Institute of India‘Composite Characterization and Testing division’ of Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) and Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).The paper has been published in the International Journal of Applied Engineering Research(IJAER).
  • Organic Car
    • This work focuses on an idea about using methane gas as a supporting fuel with gasoline.
  • Electra bike
    • The project focuses on the use of two battery packs of which one is used to run the motor while the other charges simultaneously by making use of the momentum of the vehicle. Regenerative brakes were also used as an added source to charge the battery pack in the electric bike.
  • Mini rice harvesting and threshing machine
    • Project deals with the development of a mini rice harvesting and threshing machine to be made affordable for small scale applications
  • Servous Scooter
    • Developed a scooter with high end flexibility for the physically handicapped


Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is an exciting and dynamic field, responsible for the generation, transfer and conversion of electric power. This field aims at giving the students a strong back ground in Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Computational Methods which deals with the study and application of Electricity, Electronics and Electromagnetism. It covers a range of sub topics including Power, Electronics, Control Systems, Signal Processing and Telecommunications.

About HOD

              Prof. Sarath Raj S., Head of the Department, has more than 15 years of industrial and academic experience at various illustrious institutions. He has a number of research papers and technical journals to his credit.  He is the mastermind behind the prestigious projects of EEE Department that received wide media publicity and appreciation.


The department has 18 able and eminent faculty members who have excelled in various branches of Electrical Engineering and who appropriately guide students in Academic and Entrepreneurial Ventures which have the stamp of originality.

Major Laboratories

Electrical Machines Lab

Measurements & instruments Lab

Electronics Circuits Lab

Power Electronics Lab

Control System Lab

Electrical workshop

Innovative Students Projects

  • Musaliar Renewable Energy Mission (MREM), initiated by the EEE Department of MCET in 2013, aimed at providing Renewable Energy Harvesting Technologies to the common public at a reasonable cost has received encouragement from the Central and State Governments.
  • The numerous projects undertaken by the students and R & D cell of the department have received wide media coverage and public appreciation.
    • Pavan
      • The standalone Wind Solar Hybrid Energy Plant at MCET revealed the immense wind potential of our campus.
    • Nirmal
      • The self-developed Biogas-Solar Hybrid Power Generation System at MCET has less capital cost and pollution level but better waste and energy management.
    • i-Meter
      • The Intelligent Energy meter text messages the usage profile of the customer’s energy consumption on demand.
  • Hybrid- Solar power generation and water heater
    • Both hot water and electrical power obtained as output and an increased efficiency compared to the conventional method.
  • Surya Kiran
    • The high quality, portable, low cost Solar powered emergency lantern manufactured by Electrical Engineering students of MCET under MREM.
  • Thejus
    • The microcontroller based low cost solar powered street lights manufactured by Electrical Engineering students of MCET under MREM.


Electronics & Communication Engineering (B. tech and M.tech)

Electronics and Communication Engineering is one of the dynamic engineering disciplines. The recent innovations in electronics have triggered the information technology revolution and the Electronics Engineers are changing the world to a comfortable global home. This branch of engineering is responsible for the recent innovations in 4G communications, VLSI devices, smart sensors in industrial automation processes and high performance computers and many modern gadgets. It provides advanced products, and services in scientific research, medicine and diverse fields of human activities.

About HOD

Prof Vinod C has over 18 years of teaching experience, he has dedicated his career to educating and inspiring the next generation of engineers.


 The Department boasts of very capable and versatile Professors and Faculty members of long academic standing and proven track record. The department publishes comprehensive and guide text books on Basic Electronics and IT as per the University syllabus for the guidance of the students.

Major Laboratories

Basic Electronics Lab

Electronic Circuits Lab

Integrated Circuits Lab

Communication Lab

Digital Electronics Lab

Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab


Embedded System lab

System Lab

Innovative Students Projects

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has started a research and development centre, ‘GANITH’ constituted by 5 professors and a cluster of meticulous students of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department, a platform for the future of innovations at MCET. GANITH has been keeping close liaison with DRDO establishments, VSSC and private industries, for advises and developments. Some of the innovations at Musaliar College of Engineering & Technology are given below.

  1. Secured Method of LPG Gas Supply and Efficient Waste Disposal Management System through Metro Rail

A novel concept of secured domestic LPG supply and efficient waste disposal system using Cochin metro rail system is proposed in this project. At present, Cochin metro has 40 km length from Angmali to Thrippunithura, these places are heavily populated areas in Ernakulam district. So waste management of existing system is very poor and inefficient .Similarly, LPG Gas deficiency is a common issue in these places.  We suggest a new concept to solve these issues by placing a slow running ropeway under the Metro rail track, which can carry more than 1 lakh waste bins and LPG carrying boxes. This project was guided by Prof Lijesh L.

  1. Hand Held Food Testing System

Nowadays, food safety is very important. There is a rapid increase in the number of hotel/restaurant food consumers. In day to day life, we hear about a large number of news about food poison. Outdated/expired food will cause some major problems in human health. So there is an important need for the public/food inspectors to check the food instantly, without any delay in time or laboratory assistance. The Hand Held Food Testing System is like a pen, box or mobile phone which can check the food instantly and make decision with the help of predefined data. This will reduce the delay in getting the food samples checked at different laboratories. This project was guided by Prof.Juby Raju.

  1. Smart Invigilator

This project aims to prevent malpractices during examinations. It is a pair of eye glasses which senses the eye movement and anxiety of the student and finds if any malpractice is being carried out by the students during examinations and informs the authorities about any malpractice being done.This project was guided by Prof. Lijesh L.

  1. Desk Less Computing

This is an innovative idea where we can use our palm as keyboard and mouse of the computer at any place, anytime. There is a constant interaction between the computer and user, i.e. there is no need to turn the device on or off. Another feature is the ability to multi-task. It is not necessary to stop what you are doing to use the device; it is augmented into all other actions. These devices can be incorporated by the user to act like a prosthetic. It can therefore be an extension of the user’s mind and/or body. This Project was guided by Prof  Shamla V M.

  1. Password Based Circuit Breaker

Nowadays, electrical accidents to the line man are increasing, while repairing the electrical lines due to the lack of communication between the electrical substation and maintenance staff. This project gives a solution to this problem to ensure the safety of the line man. In this proposed system, the control (ON/OFF) of the electrical lines lies with line man. This Project was guided by Prof. Nidiya Habeeb.

  1. Intelligent Traffic Management

This project can assist the traffic police in identifying the traffic rules’ violators by checking the speed of their vehicle and correlating with documents. One of the aspects of this system is the traffic management control system, which is useful especially in walkers. If the system is not properly manage, people who will cross the pedestrians will not easily cross since they know that vehicles will not be efficiently controlled. This project was guided by Prof. Lijesh L.


Two final year projects, ‘Hand Held Food Testing Device’ and ‘Secured Method of LPG Gas Supply and Efficient Waste Disposal Management System through Metro Rail’ were selected for the final rounds of national level project symposium, ‘YUVA MASTERMIND ’sponsored by Malayala Manorama at Kozhikode on 5th and 6th February 2015. Another three final year projects were selected for final rounds of national level project symposium “SHRISTI” sponsored by AICTE.


Computer Science & Engineering (B. tech and M.tech)

Computer Science deals with the theoretical foundations of information along with a practical technique for their implementation and application. Computer Science & Engineering integrates several fields of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science to develop computer systems requiring hardware- software integration.

About HOD


Faculty Profile

 The Computer Science and Engineering Department has the best faculty among the Engineering Colleges in the locality, well versed in all aspects of Computer Application.

Major Laboratories

Network Programming Lab

Graphics and Multimedia Lab

System software Lab

Computer Hardware and Networking Lab


Innovative Students Projects

APP for Asia’s Larget Shopping Festival.  An exclusive shopping fest, the Grand Kerala Shopping Festival (GKSF) was first started on 2007 December 1 and continued for next 47 days and since then it became an annual shopping festival in ˜God’s Own Country’. The ever-inviting borders of Kerala never leave you empty handed once you traverse them.

Official APP of Kerala Tourism Development Corporation. KTDC APP is designed with the interest of being a tourist guide to the travelers and tourists visiting Kerala. The app will give you clear descriptions and images of the various hotels and resorts maintained by KTDC for you. KTDC app is a fully undertaken government initiative with the idea of giving a helping hand to the people visiting KERALA, Gods own Country.

An APP provided by Hotel Excalibur, Kottayam. Excalibur APP allows you to book and personalize your travel with Hotel Excalibur. Once installed this app will be your personal assistant to guide you through the awesome facilities they are providing for the customers. The app will give you complete details of rooms, meeting points, room availability, reservations and special offers.

Technical and Cultural Fest Website of MCET. Aztak is a website for Technical and Cultural Fest hosted by Musaliar College of Engineering and Technology, Pathanamthitta. It provides a total overlook on the event and to check out the event details.

Loc8 locate your locations and destinations. Loc8 is a Smartphone application which allows you to find out where your most needed items from your day today life are available nearest to your constantly changing locations. The app allows users to know the best offers available and contact details to the preferred destinations on the go.


Civil Engineering

About HOD       

Prof  Manju R graduated from Cochin University of Science and Technology with an M.Tech in Computer-Aided Structural Analysis and Design. She is in the teaching profession for 13 years and has also worked in industry for 7 years. She has organised and actively participated in both national and international events.


Qualified and experienced faculty members from the department. They specialize in structural, geotechnical, environmental, water resource, transportation and construction engineering and management.

Major Laboratories

Strength of Materials Lab

Concrete Technology Lab

Survey Lab

Transportation Engineering Lab

Geotechnical Engineering Lab

Environmental Engineering Lab

Material Testing Lab

Computer Aided Design Lab

Innovative Students Projects

The various projects and consultancy programmes by the students of our department  reflects the quality of an outstanding professional skill and emerging trends in Civil Engineering.

  • Sand Auditing and river mapping

Sand auditing is a procedure to evaluate the process of sand mining in the Achencovil River for a specific period and quantity of sand mining with an aim to improve the overall environmental quality of the river.

  • Use of waste plastic in road construction

Use of polyethylene asphaltic pavements reduces permanent deformation in the       form of rutting and low temperature cracking for the pavement surfacing.

  • Integrated waste management for Pathanamthitta Municipality

The total waste in Pathanamthitta Municipality is estimated .The organic waste                     disposed by constructing bio gas plants, each of 600kg capacity. The inert waste           disposed through land filling.

  • Reservoir Capacity of Maniyar tailrace

The study deals with various aspects regarding Reservoir capacity and found the volume of reservoir base.

  • Bio Toilet

Bio toilet is constructed in GLPS, Pazhakulam under Pallickal Grama Panchayath. This system completely digests the solid human waste in water and methane gas. For proper sanitation and hygiene the installation of bio toilet system is very useful.

  • Floating House

It is a cost effective and fastest method which utilizes the commonly available materials like bamboo as construction material. It is an eco friendly construction and has provisions of tourism development.



The department of Basic Science comprises of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. The department is fortunate to have under its fold a group of highly dedicated, qualified, experience and distinguished faculty members. Science subjects are the base for any technical studies. Therefore Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry are inevitable part of the engineering studies.

The department of Basic Science is taking care of the first year B.Tech students by motivating and inspiring them to have a strong background in Mathematics and other sciences. The first year students are also given induction classes, training and ice-breaking session at the beginning of their course, so that they can come out from the cocoon of their school life and be a promising human being and a professional with competent technical manpower to the country. The staff of the department facilitates meeting and interaction among the first year engineering students and their parents so as to enable them to share and exchange skills and knowledge leading to academic excellence.

About HOD

The Dept of Basic Science is headed by Professor. Femi Susan Babu and has Master’s degrees from the University of Kerala with 16 years of teaching service at Undergraduate and Post graduate levels in Accredited First Grade Colleges in University of Kerala.



 To develop effective communication skills, there is a full time English Department with very competent faculty Miss Subhana Sushama Bhadran, a Post Graduate in MBA from the Kariavattom University Campus is in charge of the English Department.


Master Of Computer Appplications

MCA program is a three year course in the semester system, approved by AICTE and affiliated to MG University. The Department offers place for 60 students in each batch.

Apart from the syllabus prescribed by the MG University, the Department offers various additional advanced training programs to make them conversant with current technology.

Professional Body Memberships

ISTE- Indian Society for Technical Education

IETE-Institution of Electrical of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers

CSI – (Student Chapter) – Computer Society of India

Faculty Excellence

The Institution has a core team of experienced faculty who has proven their mettle both in academics and industry.


What are the various academic facilities provided in the college?

Library & E Learning Support System

The library provides access to a very vast collection of books, journals and periodicals, audio and video lessons. The library is organized according to international classifications, allowing easy access. It includes a digital library with a large collection of E – books, subscription to online libraries like ASTM, Mc Graw Hill and international E – journals like IEEE, Springer, ASME, ASCE. JET, ELSEVIER,  EBSCO, JSMS. A total of 45000 books are available in the college library.


Computational facilities

Each and every department in the college has a computer lab which can accommodate 60-90 students. Department provides a 12 Mbps load band internet connection which consists of multiple networks and several servers. An IP range of class B and C are possessed by the department are maintained by the students who also maintain the network and all servers such as email, web, database etc.

Recreational and Sports Facilities

A fully – functional gymnasium with a wide range of fitness equipments, court facilities for football, basketball, volleyball etc is available for students. The institution has excellent play grounds and facilities for basketball, football, hockey, volleyball, cricket and shuttle badminton. Students regularly participate in intercollegiate competitions and win laurels. Special coaching for volleyball (men and women), football, basketball are provided by a full time physical trainer to train the students.

Production centre

Production Centre provides the students with an opportunity to get trained in the HMT Stallion CNC lathe. The precision products manufactured with student participation to whom its sold.

Testing centre

The Civil and Electrical Departments run testing centers, which performs testing and certification of samples presented by both the Government and the private sector organizations.

Therefore as a technical college we do provide the language laboratory in our campus.

The English Language Lab

  • The Computer aided Language Lab for 40 students with 40 systems, one master console, LAN facility and English language software for self- study by learners.
  • The Communication Skills Lab with movable chairs and audio-visual aids with a P.A System (portable sound system with up to 50 Watts of power), a T. V (LCD), a digital stereo –audio & video system and camcorder, books etc


Does the college promote other academic activities?

Training and Placement Cell (T & P Cell)

The exposure provided by MCET and its Training and Placement Cell (T & P Cell) trains the students not just for technological superiority, but also for overall understanding of the world suitably shaping global careers in the rapid changing arena. There are a large number of organizations with which we have enjoyed lasting and fruitful relationship.

The T & P Cell is organized by its Head Dr Praveen, under whom there are department-wise officers and student representatives who handle training and placement activities. The T & P Cell in MCET functions as two wings – the placement wing and the training wing.

The Training wing consistently researches and interacts with the recruiters to understand their expectations from prospective students and creates and executes the annual roadmap for training. The entire process of training unlike tradition systems covers the essential techniques to solve logical and aptitude problems. It also opens up avenues to improvise on their conversational and oratory skills, personality and competency in strengthening the technical concepts while extending the application of the concepts in real time systems. By this process, they are enabled to satisfy the expectations of the industry.

The Placement wing process is initiated with a clear focus on all levels of companies that are contacted and invited for the campus recruitment drive which matches all the academic levels of students. The department is well equipped with excellent infrastructure to support every stage of the placement process.

United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI)

The college is accredited to UNAI program this year. It provides a global reputation for the institution as it is aligned with the United Nations. Its motto is to bring up our students for the society being intelligent and socially responsible, with activities and research through sharing culture along with their education, to feel from within and to spread the concept of global citizenship.

IIT-Spoken Tutorial

IIT, Bombay has initiated Spoken Tutorial Project. In collaboration with the IIT Spoken Tutorial, the students of MCET get an opportunity to foster and promote their intelligence in the IT field. It also helps our students in developing their projects and come up with innovative ideas and to produce the same with supporting concepts. Under this programme, facilities have been arranged in the Lecture Theatre for participating in the Live Classes conducted by Professors of various IITs.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Being the world’s largest association for the advancement of technology, IEEE has also found its foot in MCET. The IEEE community of MCET helps the students to strike their mind with emerging ideas and technologies. It provides two-way interactions between the course instructor and students/ local faculty. Industry and Alumni representatives are associated with IEEE community give expert lectures and establish bonds with outside world and institutes.

Excellence in Engineering Education (EEE)

To be students’ centric institute, where academics are followed with utmost passion and sincerity MCET has become one of the participating institutions in Excellence in Engineering Education program. The main goal of the program is to utilize high quality pedagogical resources to enhance learning in a wider student community. It aims in the integration of top quality resources in the form of instructors and multimedia resources into followed curriculum and methods of teaching.

Technology Transfer cum R & D and Incubation (TRDI)

Research is an integral part of formal education. MCET inculcate research culture and habits amongst students and faculty through the TRDI cell. The faculty and students are encouraged to work on research projects, carry out expert consultancy work, create wealth of knowledge and multidisciplinary work environment, work with a professional and scientific approach, and have a healthy competition amongst peer groups to achieve excellence.

Technology Business Incubator (TBI)

The college hosts the first start up village in the self financing college with a seed investment of Rs. 15 lakhs. The startup is funded with KSIDC and Govt.of Kerala. It covers 1200 square feet carpet area and one acre of land for student start ups.  M/s Root Solutions of Info park, functions at MCET. The TBI in the startup village has to its credit the Android Application for GKSF, Kerala Lottery, KTDC etc in addition to other programmes and projects.

R & D

R & D in the college is fully supported by the management and financial advances and loan are given for genuine R & D projects. A total of Rs Three Lakhs was disbursed during 2015-2016 for R & D student projects.

Start up village

The college houses the first start up village in the self training sector with a seed investment of Rs 15 Lakhs. The startup village is funded by KSIDC & Govt of Kerala. It covers 1200 sq. feet area and one acre land space for students start ups. The village had incubated android application for GKSF, Kerala Lottery, KTDC and other Govt and semi Govt agencies.


What about the student welfare associations in the college?

Parent Teacher Association

The PTA is headed by the PTA Executive Committee. The permanent invitees of the executive committee include the management, represented by Sri P I Sherief Muhammed, Chairman of the Musaliar  Education Trust (MET), Dr Jubilant J Kizhakkethottam, the Principal of Musaliar  College of Engineering and Technology, who is the President of the PTA, and Sri A Jose, who is the Vice-President of PTA and the HODs of various departments. The executive committee also comprises of at least two nominated Parent members from each class.

The PTA of our college has been very active and vibrant, since its formation in 2002. It has been an effective and supportive forum for maintaining the discipline and sustenance of academic excellence in the campus.PTA executive committee met frequently to transact various agenda pertaining to the development and discipline of the college. The PTA executive committee meetings are held at least thrice every semester.

The class wise PTA meetings are held immediately after the first series examinations to inform the parents about the overall performance of their wards.


NSS has always stood up to its strong   spirit of   serving people keeping in mind the policy of “Not Me But You”. NSS units of the Technical Cell has always given the volunteers, a platform to serve the society and bring happiness and smile on many faces.

The NSS activities comes under the ‘Youth and sports’ section of the Govt. of India , in which the NSS technical wing activities in Kerala are underwent under the guidance of Sri.Abdul Jabbar Ahamed. Musaliar College of Engineering and Technology (NSS unit no: 223) has been a milestone in the NSS activities of this zone.

We have joined our hands in the successful fulfillment of enormous activities like donation of blood, food for the needy and money for the hospitalized. We also organize visits to orphanages very often in which our students take up an extra ordinary interest and share a sentimental relation with the orphans. We conducted a 7 day special camp which dealt with E-literacy and energy conservation. We also held programmes for sapling plantation, dead diction, antiragging etc.

Alumni Association

Memories are beautiful and wonderful, the charisma, the youthfulness, the profound happiness of the college days, the chattering, the friendship everything is treasured. The Musaliar Alumni Meet’15 was a moment to unleash the nostalgic memories, experiences and to forge new opportunities to enhance the development of the institution in its various fields. An alumni card is presented to the members.

Student portal

Parents can access through internet about the following details of their wards through the portal provided in the Musaliar website.

  • The parent can access whether their ward is present in the college.
  • Can access the attendance percentage.
  • Can access the marks obtained by the student in various subjects.

Women cell

The College has established a Women Empowerment Cell in the college campus to empower girl students, to enhance understanding of issues related to women and to make the college campus a safe place for women students. With a view to taking up women’s issues and problems, the cell aims at creating awareness of their rights and duties. It also provides a platform for women to share their experiences and views regarding their status in the society and to suggest ways to improve and empower themselves.

Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR)

  • Blood donation

The NSS cell of the college informs the students about the immediate requirements for blood in various hospitals and students join together and go for the same. Yearly we conduct blood donation camp also.

  • Home for homeless

The National Service Scheme Unit of Musaliar College of Engineering and Technology, Pathanamthitta is conducting a project “Home for the Homeless”. A survey was conducted from which a deserving family has been chosen from Malayalapuzha Panchayath. So being a part of this society, MCET students have decided to build a house for this family. This is a total joint effort of the management, staff, students and the society. This project is linked with the project of the final year students of Civil Engineering Department; the planning, techniques and estimation are done with their knowledge.

  • Run Kerala run

To support the Asian Games 2015 conducted in Kerala and to promote the sports activities and facilities the College participated in the Run Kerala Run campaign.

  • Organ donation

The faculty members and the students of the college have taken oath to donate their organs after death.

  • Social justice day

The students of the college organized a rally for bringing awareness to the society about the importance of social justice on social justice day and a program was conducted in the pathanamthitta municipal town hall.

Tuition Fee Waiver scheme

Full tuition fee concession is granted to selected ones from women. Economically backward and physically handicapped meritorious students based on entrance exam rank list and family income.

Help desk for bank loans, Scholarship and higher studies

Helpdesk for educational loans functions in the college. The desk helps students to avail educational loan from nationalized banks and takes up the matter with the district administration in case of administrative delays and procedural difficulties.

Helpdesk no:

Scholarship for OBC s of all categories and poor formed community students is given every year without any discrimination. During 2014-2015 an amount of Rs… was given as scholarships to the above category students. Caste wise allocation of scholarships during 2014-2015 is as were:

Muslim                        23%

Ezhava                                     14%

SC & ST                      26%

Other OBC                   11%

Forward community    26%


Medical insurance are provided to the students met with accidents.


What are the various student amenities in college?

Residential Facilities

Hostel is the home away from home for students. The Institute has suitably designed separate hostels for Ladies and Gents with a capacity of 200 students each on shared accommodation basis with all modern facilities, for boarding and other recreational activities. Students who require out of class guidance can avail the assistances of resident tutors.

Transportation Facility

College buses ply up to a radius of 60 KMs covering all important locations around the college providing excellent transport facilities to day scholars at affordable fare. The number of buses in the college is 16.

Bank Extension Counter

An extension counter of The Bank of India 24 Hour ATM facility is available within the college premises for the benefit of students & staff members. It is also beneficial for the people who are residing in the nearby areas.

Post Office

The Musaliar College Post Office (689653) has speed post and electronic fund transfer facility.

Book Store

The college book store caters the stationary and text book requirements of the students at reduced rates.

Canteen Facility

The college canteen provides a wide variety of delicious, clean and healthy dining options at discount with subsidy from Musaliar Charitable Trust.

Reprographic Centre

A reprographic centre is functioning inside the campus attached to the central library. Students can avail this facility to take Photostat copies and print outs, binding of project works etc. at subsidized rates.


What are the admission criteria?

a. Eligibility for admission to the B. Tech, programme, admission policy and procedure shall be decided from time to time by following the guidelines issued by the Government of Kerala and the Government of India and other statutory body such as AICTE.

b. Subject to Clause 1(a), Admission to B.Tech, shall be based on the guidelines given by the State and Central Governments on reservation. Candidates for admission to B.Tech, programme shall have passed the Higher Secondary Examination, Kerala or 12th Standard V.H.S.E, C.B.S.E, I.S.C or any other examination considered equivalent to the above mentioned ones. Other eligibility criteria for admission is currently prescribed by the Government of Kerala through Government orders which is based on the entrance examination conducted by the Commission for Entrance Examinations, Government of Kerala and the marks in the qualifying examination subject to the relaxations allowed for backward classes and other communities as specified from time to time.

c. The Branches of study and number of students admitted are to be based on the approval by the All India Council for Technical Education and the Kerala Technological University.

d. Notwithstanding all that is stated above, the admission policy may be modified from time to time by the University, particularly to confirm to directions from the Government of Kerala and the Government of India.

e. The B.Tech., / B.Tech. (Honours) programme is a credit based programme. The duration of the B. Tech / B. Tech (Honours) programme will normally be four academic years spanning 8 semesters. The maximum duration shall be six academic years spanning 12 semesters.


Is there an interview?

Yes, there will be an interview for the candidates accompanying their parents during the certificate verification.


What extracurricular opportunities are available?

The college promotes the activities of various clubs and workshops which includes both academic and cultural programmes. Other than these there is an annual fest and students can participate in events conducted by other colleges also.

The academic leadership provided by the management ensures thorough participation of the students in various professional bodies and chapters:


  • NSS
  • United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI)
  • Group Discussion Club
  • Quiz Club
  • Literary Club
  • Technical Workshops
  • Seminars
  • IEEE Student Branch
  • Robotics Club
  • IIT-Spoken Tutorial
  • Technology Transfer cum R & D Incubation Cell (TRDI)
  • Music Club
  • Sports Club


I would like to know about the Hostel life of MCET?

Hostel is the home away from home for students. The Institute has suitably designed separate hostels for Ladies and Gents with a capacity of 500 students each on shared accommodation basis with all facilities, for boarding and other recreational activities.


  • The College has separate hostels for boys and girlsprovided with well furnished, ventilated and necessary amenities for students.
  • These include a spacious dining hall with seating capacity around 100 students at a time, indoor and outdoor games, studying/reading room and audio-video facilities.
  • The hostels provide good food at very reasonable rates, as the mess is managed by the students and mess supervisors, following a dividing system.
  • Wholesome foods with vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes are provided and food is supplied to the students during religious fasting.
  • The Gents’ hostel comprises of four floored building with total of 100 rooms with a capacity to accommodate 250 students.
  • The Ladies hostel has a total of 60 rooms in its five storey building with a capacity to accommodate 170 students. All men and women residents of the hostel are provided rooms on a triple sharing basis.
  • The overall administration and control of the Hostels shall be vested in the Chief Warden and Matron.
  • Admission to hostel is for one year, renewable every year at the discretion of the Authority.


What security measures are in place at MCET?

The college has a discipline committee to solve the problems and issues raised by the students or against the students.

The college premises and the hostel have sufficient security in charge during day time and night. The CCTV surveillance also helps to know the issues inside the class and campus.


How can I get a financial aid fee waiver?

Eligible students are given fee waiver.


How to apply for scholarships and loans?

Helpdesk for educational loans functions in the college. The desk helps students to avail educational loan from nationalized banks and takes up the matter with the district administration in case of administrative delays and procedural difficulties.

Helpdesk no:

Scholarship for OBC s of all categories and poor formed community students is given every year without any discrimination. During 2014-2015 an amount of Rs… was given as scholarships to the above category students. Caste wise allocation of scholarships during 2014-2015 is as were:

Muslim                        23%

Ezhava                                     14%

SC & ST                      26%

Other OBC                   11%

Forward community    26%


Medical insurance are provided to the students met with accidents.


Does the college offer placements?


The exposure provided by MCET and its Career Guidance and Placement Unit (CGPU) offers its students training to face the job interviews and group discussions which students are expected to go through. It also ensures that all the students are given the ‘finishing school’ exposure in order to prepare them for the world of opportunities awaiting them. Thus CGPU ensures the best of Training and Placement for the students. There are a large number of organizations with which we have enjoyed lasting and fruitful relationship.

The CGPU in MCET functions as two wings – the placement wing and the training wing. This Unit is organized by the Placement Officer, under whom; there are department wise officers and student representatives who monitor all the training and placement activities.

Training Wing

The college has imparted Soft Skills and Aptitude Training Program into the regular curricular from First semester till Seventh Semester, so that the student admitted to the college would be industry/Placement ready before he/she comes to the Final year of the course. The process of Training and placement is handled by the CGPU.


  • Systematic and continuous placement oriented Soft skills, Personality Development, Aptitude training by professional trainers right from first year.
  • Technical and domain knowledge training for pre final and final year students.
  • Frequent group discussions and mock interviews to make students industry ready.
  • English Lab to enhance proficiency in language is provided to the students.
  • Students when they come to Final year they are trained extensively in higher Aptitude to enable them to crack the Aptitude paper of the Industry.
  • We have technical training conducted at the departmental level through technical tests, technical guest lectures by Subject Experts from the Industry.

Placement Wing

As the Student’s career is of utmost importance, we make them to focus on their potentials to explore the possibilities of getting them into the right industry.

The Placement wing process is initiated with a clear focus on all levels of companies that are contacted and invited for the campus recruitment drive which matches all the academic levels of students. The department is well equipped with excellent infrastructure to support every stage of the placement process. Arrangement for Pre-Placement Talks, Interviews, Group Discussions, etc. is all handled by the placement wing.

At MCET we take pride in ensuring Company officials who visit our campus hits a notable satisfaction level in terms of the campus recruitment process and study competency. We strive hard to maintain this tradition.


What about taking a leave?

Duty leaves

  1. Duty leave will be granted for approved curricular and extra-curricular activities of the college.
  2. Duty leave sanctioned will be counted for attendance, subject to the condition that a student shall be physically present for a minimum of 50% of the total working periods.
  3. Applications for D/L must be made in the prescribed form, duly recommended by the staff member in charge of the concerned activity and the Senior Advisor, and submitted to the H.O.D.
  4. Application for D/L shall be made preferably before the dates for which leave is applied for and, in any case within five working days, and submitted to the HOD within 10 days after the leave period.
  5. The Senior Advisor can first endorse applications if the staff member in charge of the concerned activity is not immediately available, and the recommendation of the staff member can be obtained later.
  6. Late application for duty leave will not be considered.

Other leaves

  1. For any kind of absence, leave applications must be submitted to and get it sanctioned by the H.O.D.
  2. Medical Certificate/ letter from parent or guardian should support leave for longer duration (say exceeding 3 days).
  3. Such leave application should be submitted on the day on which a student is reporting back to the College.
  4. Late applications will not be entertained.
  5. Absence without leave will be considered as an offence.