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Civil Engineering

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Department of Civil Engineering

The goal of civil engineering department is to equip our graduates with the ability and desire for life-long learning in the rapidly evolving areas of engineering and respond to the educational and research needs of existing and emerging technologies.

Courses Offered

B.Tech –  Civil Engineering -60 seats

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    • To be a fountain head of quality education delivering civil engineers empowered with core knowledge, skill and personality who can lead sustainable society.





    Our Mission

    • To develop civil engineers of high caliber and technical skills through quality education, and industry exposure to serve their surroundings with pride.
    • To inculcate a creative mind in students and to build-up their inborn technical talents through additional skill development programs.
    • To provide knowledge based consultancy services to the community in all areas of civil engineering.
    • To create competent civil engineers who are capable of upholding ethical values and principles of sustainable development to face the challenges of future.


    Dr. BUSHRA. I

    Prof Manju R

    Ms. Leena V P

    Ms. Subhalekshmi

    Ms. Nisha Sekhar

    Mr. Muhammed Murshid A

    Ms. Bismi M Buhari

    Ms. Shamila Habeeb

    Athira lakshmi A

    Haleema M

    Ashna Beegum

    Soniya Sony

    Lekshmi Nair

    Ms.Dinu Ann Babu

    Ms. Siji V V

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    PEO1: Graduates will be actively engaged in a professional career as a civil engineer or will be pursuing advanced study.

    PEO2: Graduates will understand professional practice issues and demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning.

    PEO3: Graduates guided by the principles of      sustainable     development in executing civil          engineering projects by conserving the resources and leading to a healthier society.

    PSO 1: Apply knowledge in analysis, design, survey, testing and construction of civil engineering structures.

    PSO 2: To develop and design sustainable and smart infrastructure considering the global environmental challenges.


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