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PhD (Pursuing), ME- Embedded Systems

Yr. of Experience

13 years 7 months
Area  of Interest:
Embedded Systems
Area of Specialization:
Artificial Intelligence
Publications and Presentations
1. International Conference on Advancements in Research and Development.(ICARD 2020) 
 Lijesh L, Dr G Arockia Selva Saroja, "IoT Based Landslide Detection System Using Ultra 
 Low Power Wireless Sensor Networks.

2. National Conference on Recent Innovations in VLSI, Communication and Signal Processing 
 (RIVCS 2K19) Lijesh L, "High Speed and Low Power Comparator Using Double Gate MOSFET 
 Scalable to 20nm".
1. High Speed DA Based Discrete Wavelet Transform Digital Design For Image Processing 
 Using Verilog, IJERT, Volume.6, Issue.06, June 2017, ISSN: 2278-0181.
2. Reconfigurable Implementation Of QAM Demodulator In An Fpga, Ijtra Journal.Volume.5
 issue 3,June 2017, E-ISSN : 2320-8163 P-ISSN: 2321-7332
3. Published The Paper Titled “High Speed Carry Skip Adder Circuit”, In IJEC, September 
 2016, Volume 6, Issue 9, ISSN 2321 3361 © 2016 Ijesc.
4. Published The Paper Titled “Static Hand Sign Recognition System With Som-Hebb 
 Classifier Implemented In Fpga”, In IJESC, September 2016, ISSN2321 3361 © 2016 IJESC.
5. Published The Paper Titled “Implementation Of Efficient Constant Multiplier 
 Architecture Based On Vhbcse Algorithm For Reconfigurable Fir Filter”, In IJESC, 
 September 2016, ISSN 2321 3361 © 2016 IJESC
6. Published The Paper Titled “Implementation Of Text To Speech Conversion System 
 Using Arm And Image Processing” In IJESC, November 2015, Issn2321 3361 © 2015 IJESC.
7. Published The Paper Titled “Arm Based Online Water Monitoring System” In Ijesc, 
 November 2015, ISSN 2321 3361 © 2015 IJESC.
8. Published The Paper Titled “Gesture Learning Interface For Stimulated Robot Using 
 Raspberry Pi”, In IJESC, November 2015, Issn2321 3361 © 2015 IJESC.
Professional Memberships
ISTE Life Member(Membership No.LM60176)
[Organized/ Attended]

• FDP on “Security Aspects in Communication Systems”.
• WORKSHOP ON Antenna Design using CST

MOOC Courses
1. MHRD Sponsored ARPIT Course on Big Data Analytics for Smart Grid.

2. MHRD Sponsored ARPIT Course on Teaching Pedagogical Innovations and Research 

3. ATAL Sponsored FDP on Artificial Intelligence.

4. NITTTR-MHRD Sponsored Course on Embedded Image Processing.

5. SWAYAM-ARPIT Course on Big Data Analytics on Smart Grid.