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Research Policy

In keeping with its Vision & Mission, Musaliar College of Engineering and Technology’s  Research Policy aims to promote the research ambience, create and sustain a research culture, motivate staff and students to engage in research activities. 

The aim is to inspire, guide and coordinate the initiatives of the staff and students towards doctoral and post-doctoral research in sciences and technology, social science research, towards major and minor research projects, towards organizing of national and international conferences, towards presentation of research papers and their publication in reputed journals, and similar other research-related matters. 

This research policy sets out a comprehensive framework for scholarly research that includes the following goals:

  1. To nurture and encourage a research culture among faculty and employees.
  2. To discover research areas and research topics that are academically, practically, and socially significant.
  3. To arrange seminars/conferences/workshops on various research topics and training courses in research methods and other areas of engineering, technology & management.
  4. To assure research quality, integrity, and ethics.
  5. To disseminate research findings in relevant media and make such content accessible to end users.
  6. To make it easier for researchers to publish their reports.
  7. To compile an annual/periodic compilation of abstracts/papers published by faculty and students at various seminars, conferences, and workshops
  8. To act as a facilitator, providing professional counsel, technical assistance, and financial assistance proposals.