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Both humanities & social sciences go hand in hand as the basis of their existence is the study of mankind and their evolution. Humanities are a group of academic areas of study that involves examining what it is to be a human by reading literature, history, philosophy of various parts of our global community. That is how we express ourselves, communicate our thoughts and are our warm-self. It is all about human culture and heritage.

Social Sciences, on the other hand, has a scientific approach to study human relationships and society. It focuses on the periods and environment and culture beyond human control. It deals with human society and natural science. Administration, political science, psychology, education and economics are some examples of social sciences.

The courses under humanities & social sciences are provided by many colleges and universities in India. They are essential for a three-year duration bachelors program and two years if one wishes to pursue a Master’s program. The subjects are vast, and students have a lot to imbibe.

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